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  • Hailing from Plymouth in the South-West of England, Francis & the Drakes are influenced both musically and lyrically by their surroudings. Be it the local area's close connection with the sea, or its location on the doorstep of the rolling hills of Devon or the endless beaches of Cornwall, Francis & the Drakes' surroundings are intwined with their songs.

    The band grew out of Plymouth's acoustic café scene, where singer-songwriters Steve Gribble and Dave Ankers first provided harmonies for each other's songs. Joined by Rob Stillwell on drums, Age Charters on Keys and Luke McGowan on bass, they have created their very own acoustic-pop ramshackle and roll.

    The band's first album, 'The Arlington Road Sessions', was released in July 2009 to critical acclaim. Their latest album, 'The Lighthouse', released in April 2010, is another step-up, both in terms of songwriting and production. It contains 17 songs that embody the spirit of the band; their roots, their surroundings, their love of collaborating and generally playing music together.Stories of misadventure on the high seas are mixed with motorway murders, travelers laments and dying thieves!

    Original song writing material aside, Francis & the Drakes have simply created a set of honest and melodic roots fueled pop tunes. Their live shows bristle with the energy of a band that doesn't hide the sole reason it exists in the first place - playing great music and loving every minute of it.

    Listen to both albums on Spotify or pick up a copy at one of their forthcoming gigs and after the first listen, you'll feel that you've been loving these songs for years

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