Sunday 2nd June 12.00 - 12.30 BBC Introducing Stage

Emerging from a small Cornish village and relative obscurity, Caine a five piece indie rock band from Angarrack, have been nurturing their talent patiently and deliberately, giving themselves space and time. Now, with their definitive sound and extraordinary songbook fully developed, Caine believe they are in the ascendency. On stage their presence and identity speak volumes. Underneath the warm, inviting gloss of Caine’s melodic charm, nuanced layers of keyboard and guitar swirl and rise giving way to powerful surges of spirit and soul that soar from the depths. Meditations on love and life become twisting waves of rhythm and light as Caine pulse through hypnotic verse and charged chorus exploring in song that vast gulf between the heart and mind. There is no doubt that Caine’s star is rising, their music is a sea change and they are playing with the elements. Be prepared to be swept off your feet.

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