Friday 31st May 13.45-14.15 BBC Introducing Stage

Mavi is a 19-year-old brand new artist who creates songs with the illusion of multiple musicians playing instruments, that are in fact all played by him. He writes songs that highlight issues, his experiences and to spread positivity and encouragement. Creating solely from a room overlooking the North Cornwall coast, he writes, records and produces the entirety of his songs himself and blends them into a unique live experience. His influences and knowledge of different instruments and styles blend together with his production to create fresh groove-filled alternative pop music.

“Hi. I’m Mavi (pronounced Marvey). I spend most of my life in a room making music. My brain is a 24/7 tune factory that never shuts. Groove is the driving force of my Alt Pop songs. I just love to throw in bops here and there. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough limbs to perform all of the instruments I play at the same time so I let the computer help me out. My songs are about experiences and feelings of growing up and they aim to spread positivity and encouragement. Every element from top to bottom is done by myself (hence why I have no social life).”

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