Megan Chapman

Saturday 1st June 14.20 - 14.50 The Whispering Woods

I have a passion for rhymes and metaphors and writing that identifies with people across class and backgrounds. I want my work to relate to people and give people a voice. I like to see people through their eyes, to give voice to someone who doesn’t have one. My aim is to always write clearly and honestly, hoping to reach rather than exclude people. I like political topics on the edge of things, the unsaid, the stories that could otherwise be missed. I don’t make myself do it rather I’m drawn to it.

“Megan Chapman’s poetry is heartfelt and rhythmic. Playful and political, her Art is in the right place.”
​Anna Murphy

“Beautifully constructed politically potent poetry with rhythm at its heart. MCMC Spoken creates warmth from the moment she steps on stage and her humanity is written into every poem she performs.”
Sara Hirsch

“McMcSpoken (Meg Chapman) is a spoken word artist of real honesty speaking from the heart and taking on personal and political subjects. From her days at Dartington College of Arts through to her current arts workshops and all the energetic raw performances in between; to see and hear Megs work is to know Meg it’s all real. With a hip hop flair and stream of consciousness style, Meg is a stellar performer and a downright lovely woman to boot!”
Gina Sherman, Apples and Snakes, SW Producer

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