Shemynic Yoga

Saturday 2nd June 14.30 - 15.30 The Sanctuary

This act performed at The Great Estate in 2018. Expect even more in 2019. Tickets on sale now.

Shemynic Yoga:

Yoga is a path of freedom & to be free is to feel no fear. ‘Shemynic’ a play on the masc. & fem.- to be in touch with the life forces that inhabit and generate the world & remember to PLAY!
This is a lively, deeply soulful practice that aims to bring authentic connection through the whole self by ‘being’. We recognise all is sacred by presenting the directions/elements as conscious co-creators. Within this space, we step into our true source with mantra, upbeat movements, flow/ holding asana, pranayama and medicine wheel savasana.
Indigenous cultures know everything is intricately linked, and thus engaging in practices that draw on the infinite energy sources all around us we naturally energize & build our kundalini energy to awaken the light within….. We are our own shaman, shemyn, guru and we are all one….:)

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