Symphonica Orchestra featuring Mr. Switch

Friday 1st June TBC Stage On The Green

This act performed at The Great Estate in 2018. Expect even more in 2019. Tickets on sale now.

Symphonica is a fresh and brand new project which fuses together two different worlds: the raw power and soul of the orchestra and the heavy bass and beats of the DJ!

Over the course of an hour expect to hear a mixture of brand new compositions which pit string sections against scratch skills, double bass against synth bass and some classic tracks, played as you’ve never heard them played before, by a whole orchestra.

You couldn’t just have any DJ at the head of this project, it has to be a World DJ Champion. These guys employ expert knowledge of turntablist trickery and dancefloor destroying beats to remix the orchestra live, giving a foot-friendly twist to classical sounds. The possibilities are endless!

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