The Swinghoppers

Sunday 3rd June TBC Stage On The Green

This act performed at The Great Estate in 2018. Expect even more in 2019. Tickets on sale now.

The Swinghoppers are a brand new live act that takes the feel-good vibes of classic Swing music and combine it with the energy and attitude of Golden Era Hip Hop. The result is something that is familiar enough for crowds to immediately connect with, whilst original enough to thrill them with its freshness!

Comprising a rapper, beatboxer, singer and DJ, The Swinghoppers put on a captivating show with enough variation to keep even the most seasoned partygoer enthralled.

Having just launched their debut E.P. ‘Welcome to the Family’, The Swinghoppers are quickly amassing an enviable reputation by smashing shows from the Isle of Wight to Manchester and delighting crowds of all backgrounds and ages.

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