Nachos, but not as you know them! Think big, think tasty, think Rambunctious!! The Pallet Of Nachos guys have it all covered. Yes we have the old favourites like pulled pork and chilli, but watch out for our HOT AS HELL, or have a go at the all new RAMBUNCTIOUS dessert nachos, crazy but amazingly good!

Our signature dish is not a dish at all, it’s more like a PALLET of nachos, big enough to share with your mates, or serving a family of 3 or 4. It has got everything!

We want everyone to be happy, so if you need to swap out something, just ask…..

Fancy a Little Piggy without the Sour Cream? No problem.

Want some extra cheese? No problem.

Born out of an idea at the inaugural Great Estate Festival, this year’s offering promises to be both tasty and filling and we know you’ll love it again.

Find us in the Village, next to the other great feasting stalls – we’ll be serving up from early on till later on.

We are so looking forward to joining the madness, the music, the dancing and the frivolity, we’ll see you there!

Pallet Of Nacho Guys.

Simon & Andy