Join the Faceback community and meet real live people! Your Face is turned into a badge and worn by someone you haven’t met yet. Your mission is to get your Face back!

Faceback’s friendly “Social Butterflies” will be on hand to add a unique layer of play, interaction, fun, intrigue, and connection to this year’s Great Estate. Part performance, part game, and fully interactive, Faceback unfolds over hours and days, setting in train 1000’s of conversations and social encounters between Festival-goers.

At the Faceback Hub we turn your face into a badge, give you someone else’s face, and explain the simple rules of play. You now have a mission to find the person whose face you are wearing, and ultimately to get your own Face back!

Everyone can play. Glampers, campers, families, burlesque artistes, litter pickers, celebrities, fans, bands, vicars, acrobats and gin swillers can all become part of Faceback’s huge offline social network. There is an adults game and a children’s game with exclusive pools of badges. Participation is free.