Vintents collection of vintage canvas tents is unique, with each tent varying in style, colour and design. They are especially popular with families and groups, with one main reason being the spacious nature of the tents. Half the footprint of the tent is taken by a cotton canopied sleeping compartment and the other half is the living area. Their smaller tents, however, are the perfect couples festivals retreat. With beds, bedding and luxury furnishing to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Arrive to a freshly made bed in a quirky vintage tent! If you have your tickets, then make sure you book early to avoid missing out.

With basic, comfy and luxury packages starting from £225. All packages include power sockets in the tent too.

To stay in a Vintent at the Great Estate festival please click here.

Please note you must also buy a weekend camping ticket in addition from The Great Etstate Ticket page.